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As a pharmaceutical company, your mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives with quality products. Your supply chain is vitally important. We ensure it’s world-class. You free up resources to stay at the forefront of innovation.

A tightly linked supply chain. Quality controlled.

Your trade challenges are unique. Not only must you comply with OGD requirements, but also with Customs requirements such as valuation, country of origin, and classification. Product security is paramount — no damage, no spoilage, no compromises. Tracking and tracing must be fast and accurate worldwide. Count on our quality control.

Stay compliant for less.

Stay compliant for less.

With Livingston, you are backed with robust, automated processes and electronic transmission to help you comply reliably and cost-efficiently. We help you take advantage of free trade agreements then navigate classification, valuation, country of origin, track and trace, and security requirements.

Enter new markets.

Enter new markets.

Overseas shipments of pharmaceuticals and medical devices can be complicated. Delays at the border, fines due to improper classification, and unnecessary tariffs are threats to your margins. With Livingston, all your licensing, permits, and restricted party screening will be reliably in compliance.

Work confidently with authorities.

Work confidently with authorities.

We ensure you are compliant with government regulations — FDA, Health Canada, or other agencies. Our FDA team is well versed in the very latest rules and documentation requirements, so your risk of fines and penalties is minimized. Our central documentation repository provides a detailed audit trail and logic to support any classification.

Budget more predictably.

Budget more predictably.

“Cost creep” happens often in international trade. But not with Livingston. We ensure your landed costs are predictable. Count on superior cost management, clear knowledge of all costs in all regions, tight supply chain management, and deep regulatory expertise.

  • Customs Brokerage
    Customs Brokerage

    Duties, licenses, permits, and all other brokerage requirements are handled expertly for optimal clearance.

  • Trade Consulting
    Trade Consulting

    Compliance. Valuation. Audit. Controls. Disclosure. Licensing. Classification. Financial recovery. Supply chain security.

  • Global Trade Management
    Global Trade Management

    Total import/export compliance services. Don’t let your operations impede your opportunities.

  • Freight

    Ocean Freight. Air Freight. Freight Management Services. Project Moves. Cargo Insurance.

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