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Energy suppliers work hard to meet the growing demands of energy consumers. When shipping across borders, whether via pipeline, oil tanker, bulk shipment, or in consumer packaging, you need certainty that your products will move without delay. We can help.

Game-changing quality

Expert assistance at the border changes the game. Customer fulfillment improves. Costs are better controlled. New markets are easier to reach. Do it all through Livingston’s global network of integrated services. We deliver a full range of customs brokerage services tailored to the oil and gas industry. Wherever you want to be in the world.

Cross borders optimally.

Cross borders optimally.

We are experts in shipments of oil, gas, biodiesel, petrochemicals, coal, ore, pipeline entry for crude oil, and the continuous transmission of electricity. We know the regulations and can offer you guidance on residues and toxic substances.

Declare the right information.

Declare the right information.

Navigating oil price volatility isn’t easy. There’s an estimated value update at the end of every month. If values change, up or down, you can amend the declared value to ensure accuracy and avoid customs fines at a later date. We can help.

Pay the right duties.

Pay the right duties.

Because energy prices fluctuate, oil and gas importers often don’t know the correct declared value at time of import. We manage the process of reconciling and reporting on the final and correct shipment value – no matter who generated the original import entry.

Keep information flowing.

Keep information flowing.

When oil is sent across a border, mixed with new oil, and sent back to the original country, the classification changes. We help avoid inaccurate classification. Our multiple data integration options and continuous transmission filings help you avoid fines and delays.

  • Customs Brokerage
    Customs Brokerage

    Duties, licenses, permits, and all other brokerage requirements are handled expertly for optimal clearance.

  • Global Trade Management
    Global Trade Management

    Total import/export compliance services. Don’t let your operations impede your opportunities.

  • Freight

    Ocean Freight. Air Freight. Freight Management Services. Project Moves. Cargo Insurance.

  • Trade Consulting
    Trade Consulting

    Compliance. Valuation. Audit. Controls. Disclosure. Licensing. Classification. Financial recovery. Supply chain security.

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