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Demand for heavy equipment used in construction, earthmoving, mining and forestry is increasing worldwide. Trust Livingston to meet all your special requirements for faster clearance and fewer delays.

Deliver as promised.

The heavy equipment market has changed. There’s more competition, increasing commoditization of products and more environmental regulation. Shipments of new and used equipment are increasing. Parts shipments are soaring. Livingston makes it easier, with expert knowledge and a full set of services for shipping heavy equipment across borders. Stay compliant. Avoid delays. Deliver as promised.

Crossing borders confidently.

Crossing borders confidently.

When shipping heavy equipment, the slightest error can cause considerable damage, downtime, and lost opportunity for your business. We help you comply with the anti-dumping legislation and the many government agencies responsible for safeguarding our transportation, environment and food supply chain.

Have parts data at your fingertips.

Have parts data at your fingertips.

For importers with many unrelated vendors and a large tariff base, it’s essential to maintain a comprehensive parts database. Ready when needed, your data includes tariff classification numbers, product descriptions, and duty rates.

Freight forwarding for heavy equipment.

Freight forwarding for heavy equipment.

Oversized equipment can be the most valuable part of your projects. We are experts at handling oversized, heavy, high-value equipment. You can count on our expertise, specialized equipment, and precise handling in moving over-dimensional cargo safely and on budget.

Compliance and security

Compliance and security

Compliance and security are priorities. It’s also a lot of work. We do it for you. You’ll improve accuracy, documentation, and audit readiness, ultimately saving time and money. We’ll develop a tailored solution, update you at every step, and navigate the complex requirements.

  • Customs Brokerage
    Customs Brokerage

    Duties, licenses, permits, and all other brokerage requirements are handled expertly for optimal clearance.

  • Global Trade Management
    Global Trade Management

    Total import/export compliance services. Don’t let your operations impede your opportunities.

  • Freight

    Ocean Freight. Air Freight. Freight Management Services. Project Moves. Cargo Insurance.

  • Trade Consulting
    Trade Consulting

    Compliance. Valuation. Audit. Controls. Disclosure. Licensing. Classification. Financial recovery. Supply chain security.

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